Harvest concluded at Il Poggione

Today, 9 october 2009, with the harvesting of the Cabernet in the vineyard of Il Ferralino we have concluded the harvest. All of the conditions are present so that the harvest of the 2009 will be an excellent vintage. Sunday 18 october 2009 we will celebrate, as is the tradition of the "benfinita" (the "well-concluded") harvest, with a lunch with the owner of Il Poggione and all the employees and their families.

Now that we are finished of the harvesting, I have some more time for posting.


  1. When they throw the grapes like that into the basket (rather than carefully placing them), doesn’t it damage them?

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting and for the question.
    There is no damage as the skin of our Sangiovese is quite thick. Furthermore, within a short time from the harvest, the grape bunches will be brought to the winery where they’ll undergo the de-steming/crushing process, where there will be a gentle crush before the grape juice is pumped into the tanks.


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