Our Cellar Team

While the harvest continues we want to talk about the people that are taking care of the work in the cellar. Thanks to the up-to-date technologies in which we invested in 2004 when we built the new cellar, we only need a few people in the cellar, even during harvest. Our workers are guided by the expert help of our cellar master, Fabio Guerrini (second from the left), who has been working with us for almost 25 years. Their commitment and dedication guarantee the quality of the work in the cellar; we can be 100% focused on the grape selection in the vineyards because we can count on such a good team in the cellar under Fabio’s experienced... Read more >

The People Behind the 2015 Harvest

The 2015 harvest continues and today we would like to acknowledge those who physically take care of our grape selection: our workers. Some of our workers have been working for Il Poggione for many years or, in other cases, the job has been handed down from father to son along with a strong attachment to the land and to the winery. We are happy and proud of our team because we know we can count on their experience and their abilities. Happy... Read more >

Celebrating 50 Years of AIS!

Yesterday I was in Milan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) with AIS President Antonello Maietta and other members of AIS. AIS has been successfully teaching consumers how to correctly drink and appreciate wine for half a century, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of wine culture and wine territories. Il Poggione participated in the event with 2009 Brunello, which received the Cinque Grappoli ( Five Bunches) award in the AIS wine guide Vitae 2015.   (From left to right, President Emeritus of AIS Eddy Furlan, AIS President Antonello Maietta, , Il Poggione winemaker Fabrizio Bindocci, AIS founding member Jean... Read more >

Il Poggione Owner Leopoldo Franceschi Participates In Discussion On Wine’s Role in Society

Last Friday in the city of Chioggia, Italy, there was held a "round table" entitled Italiche Viti (Italic Vines) and among the various winemaker who participated, there was also Leopoldo Franceschi, owner of the Tenuta Il Poggione. Different subjects were discussed during the debate, which was focused on the variety of viticultural panoramas within Italy. There was a discussion of how the role of wine has changed in society as Italian wine has become a symbol of excellence from our country throughout the world. The Tenuta Il Poggione has helped to make Brunello a great wine in Italy and the world. For this reason, it was decided to retrace the history of the Franceschi family and its bond with the territory of... Read more >